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  1. Poisson d'Avril

From the recording Poisson d'Avril


We were known
as the the tall boys--
taller than trees.

We packed
our whole world
into one small valise.

We took
a tiny room
in Villefranche-sur-Mer.

We used the last
of our money
just to get there,
from Angleterre.

I would lose myself in you,
as you tried to find yourself.

These stupid
paper fish,
of Poisson d’Avril--

on my back
all the way to
the Hotel de Ville...

We were such
fools in love then,
when we were three.

But you made me
the real fool
with your ennui.

A fool of me.

I held true
when I said I would
follow you
to the ends of the earth.

But do you know
the lengths I’d go,
for what it’s worth?

Do you know?

...when we were three.

Three men watched
the moon rise, dripping,
out of the sea.