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  1. Ocean Drive

From the recording Ocean Drive


It’s Winter
at the ocean.
He took your heart
in the back of your car,
wrapped it in his scarf,
and now you are
by your sense
of devotion.

of how you do not sink.
For the first time,
you feel your feet
on solid land.

Horizon line
that wraps around you
messes with your
point of view.
The sea is beaten
black and blue.
And now, could be
the death of you.

Now the sea is grey,
and the sky is grey,
and the shoals are grey,
and your eyes are grey.

Could you bring
yourself to look away?
And did you know
today would be the day
you would give away
your desire--

to float away,
and fade away,
to float away,
and fade away?

Now the dampness
seeps into your sweater,
and you don’t feel any better.

Pockets filled with
stones from the foam.
These steps that you take,
you are taking alone.
Heavy endless steps
that will never
bring you home.