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  1. Poppy

From the recording Poppy


A blossom to seize
what has fallen
from a dove's nest.

You have your hand
in each garden
that touches me.

Question my weakness
for artifice--I bend
to your insight.

Practice the wrapping
of grass blades into a nest,
To conceal my naked breast

From the swaying of limbs,
let loose in the wind.
From the branches of this tree,
you are all that I see.

(A bird's eye view,
the sight of you...)

These reddest petals
are flags that you wave
for only one day...

They do their best
to entice me
then they just fall away.

Into the wind
with a willingness
to risk it all...
with a willingness
to kiss and to lose it all

Head heavy with seed.
I am dizzy with need.
And a willingness
to kiss and to risk it all.

Open me,
like a dead flower
that's gone to seed.