From the recording In Lieu Of Flowers


I will receive you
in the early hours
of this new day.

And, I'll believe you,
every lie that I
will hear you say.

The door is open--
I'll be naked for
you on my bed.

The door is open--
With a blindfold wrapped
around my head.

But I will hear you
as your boot heel creaks
the topmost stair.

And as you near,
you wonder if I even
know you're there.

The party is over,
and you've fooled me
with your sleight of hand.

the party is over,
And I've finally come
to understand.

The door is open
The door is open

In lieu of flowers,
you could bring me
what I really crave.

Afew more hours
before we're laid into
an early grave.

The door is open.
The party's over.

The party's over.